Today in the magical land of Twitteronia: Jimmy Fallon schmoozed the Twitter-loving press, Ana Marie Cox cried because of Jake Tapper, and a tuna-melt experiment went badly awry.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon uttered Twitter gibberish

Quad City Times columnist Melissa Coulter succumbed to caffeine.

Self-described "media nerd" Chris O'Leary broadened his culinary horizons.

ABC News's Jake Tapper brought Air America radio hostess Ana Marie Cox to tears. (By the way, anyone hear an outrageous rumor about Tapper and his wife? We've only heard that one is circulating around D.C. Drop us a line if you know more.)

Wired contributor Clive Thompson couldn't even spell "synesthesiac," let alone use the word correctly.

Anyone else's tweets we should keep an eye on? Send us more Twitter usernames, please.