As David Carr's enjoyable New York Times awards column, The Carpetbagger, winds down for the season, he leaves us with two unanswered blind items. Who are the 20-year-old-eating showbiz mogul and the benevolent-turned-slightly-wicked producer?

Here are his two teases:

At the Vanity Fair party Sunday night, the Bagger bumped into a guy he knows who is involved in all manner of entertainment businesses. The Bagger noted how the man, someone with access to power in all of its manifestations, seemed to be prospering and was looking well for a middle-aged guy; perhaps he had even lost some weight. "What have you been dining on?" the Bagger asked.

"Twenty-year-olds," said the man, indicating the date off his shoulder.

And the producer:

Up in the Hollywood hills, the Bagger was meeting with a producer who has a well-deserved reputation for decency and effectiveness in a business not known for either. They were chatting about this and that when an assistant walked in with a proprietary release schedule from one of the studios, with lots of useful intelligence and data. The Bagger had seen such a document, but was surprised that it was floating around. The producer smiled and said that he sent small gifts to an assistant there on a regular basis. The Bagger, who knows the man as an honorable person, was a bit taken aback.

"Hey, you have to get a little dirty in this town if you want to make it work," he said smiling. "It's part of the place's charm."

The first one really could be anybody, but we like to think it's old David Geffen dating the youngins. And the kindly producer spying on studios? Oh who knows. Let's say... wisdom-crazed superproducer Brian Grazer. Though I don't know that you could call Angels & Demons either "decent" or "effective."