Recycling last year's Black History Month stock photography to save a buck: that's the Wal-Mart way. Come on, evil corporations. Fake diversity is 'Wack, Yo,' as minorities say:

  • Do not use the same meager handful of non-white employees over and over for photo ops: People notice this after a while. Specifically, your non-white employees.
  • Do not act like the boss on The Office: Simply watch each season of that show in full, and see how he treats the subject of diversity, and then do not do that. Surprising how realistic that show is.
  • Do not claim that your staff made up entirely of upper class Ivy Leaguers is 'diverse': It is not, we don't care what it looks like on the outside.
  • Do not claim that your company is 'diverse' because you hired minority-owned vendors: Hiring a 'diversity consultant' or an 'urban marketing firm' is not in and of itself a mark of diversity. Sucks right!!!
  • Hire a staff made up of many different types of people: Problem solved. (Though you may personally still be a jerk).

[Pics: Multicult Classics]