Yesterday Rupert Murdoch himself, the big guy, took the time to sign off on an uncommonly civil apology for the New York Post's racist cartoon. But Al Sharpton is still demanding actual actions. Whoa now!

Rev. Al went on down to City Hall yesterday to let it be known that he will not be satisfied with Rupe's niceties. The vague "boycott" continues! Probably of more concern to News Corp, Al says he's meeting with the FCC today to lobby against News Corp's NYC ownership waiver. (Does that have any hope of success? No idea, but we hope so, for the sake of a good feud). Even Mayor Bloomberg is now being subjected to jeers over this sensitive issue, for being insufficiently outraged! We applaud Rev. Al's determination to keep this thing going, because he's guaranteed free space in the Daily News as long as he wants. Although his supporters should work on some better slogans:

[Murdoch] says in his statement this will never happen again. Well, he does not say how he intends to see that it never happens again," Sharpton said in front of supporters holding signs reading, "Yes we can shut you down NY Post!" and "How do you spell racism? New York Post."