You'd think so, if you paid attention to the crusty old American Medical Association, which is hopping mad that the dopey ladysad film prominently and frequently featured brand-name cigarettes. Though, none were ever smoked.

It's some sort of "plot point" in the film that Bradley Cooper's cheating husband is also lying about having quit smoking. His wife, Jennifer Connelly, (um, spoiler alert?) eventually leaves him. Not because of the cheating, because of the smoking. She writes a note for him that says "I want a divorce" and then tacks it onto a carton of bright yellow American Spirit Lights (mmm...) So though the message is totally anti-smoking, the AMA thinks it's shameful of the film to use an actual brand-name cigarette, and demands to know whether or not Warner Bros. received any product placement monies.

They claim that some 200,000 kids start smoking every year, because they're influenced by characters who smoke, in movies like Frozen River and I've Loved You So Long. Though really, what youths are going to see this thing? Wee scarf-clad Gideon and his bestie Tamara? Lonely Lois and her bucket of popcorn? The kind of teened agers who would go see this film probably should start smoking, at least then they'd seem cool and maybe make some friends.

Really, though, the AMA is right. There's no reason to put brand-name cigarettes in the movie. It adds some verité perhaps. But we are, again, talking about a movie whose thesis is that the unendingly complex communications between people can be boiled down to something like "men are mean, and women are shrill and lonely." So.

Don't go see this movie. It might make you start smoking! (Though, sadly, not in an after-sex kinda way.)