Whoo! CPAC! It's CPAC season! Let's meet the future of the Republican party, everyone!

The Conservative Political Action Conference is a yearly convention in DC where thousands of Republicans hear stirring speeches from the party's biggest names, and they all decide what the future of the party looks like. In years past, we've seen such luminaries as Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter speak to the adoring audience, and this year, who knows, it's probably Newt and Ann again. Palin backed out. Oh, Joe the Plumber's there.

Politico contributor Patrick Gavin wandered around CPAC asking all the hip young Republicans (one of them is a boy with earrings!) how they thought the GOP could be "cool."

Who are the coolest Republicans? Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, and, uh, Bobby Jindal are named.

(If you want a better idea of the kind of fun these kids are having, check out the exhibit hall.)