As predicted, two of my American Idol predictions were wrong in last night's semifinal eliminations episode. Cuteso Kris Allen is through, as I'd hoped, as are Allison (good!) and shrieking Adam Lambert (very, very bad).

In retrospect, yes, clearly the flamboyant, insanely-bewigged Lambert was a shoe-in to go through, as the producers had put him in the last-performance-of-the-evening "pimp slot" on Wednesday night. Though I just don't get what it is they see in him. He's got range, for sure, but where's the market for his gay disco vampire shtick in today's gay vampire world? It's too much disco! But the Idol folks do like to keep the girlies squealing, and squeal they do for this be-booted homosexual.

Kris Allen, fun. Allison Afghan or whatever, good for her. I didn't remember much of her Wednesday night performance, honestly (wine!), but her encore belt last night was clear as a bell and, pretty much, flawless. So well deserved. Let's hope, though, that she gets a little more camera savvy. Because right now it's a murmuring, awkward, teenage disaster.

As for the rest... Well, most of them shit the bed pretty thoroughly on Wednesday, from Jeanine to Matt to Jasmine. Lots of disappointment. I suspect that Megan Joy Corkrey (Duffy wannabe, arm tattoos) and Matt Giraud (half-beard, wonderful Hollywood Week audition) will be asked back for the Wild Card round. Which means it's likely the real end of the road for the woefully unfunny newly-gay-sophomore-theatre-major-drunk-at-a-party comedy antics of Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle. And thank God for that. Seen it already long ago, don't need to see it again.

Above is a video, first shown to me by a commenter, of your beloved Adam Lambert constructing a cat out of high octave notes, then strangling it. He also does some of the same crotch-fondling antics that he ickily displayed on Tuesday. Enjoy! He's all your fault!