There were more important things to pay attention to this week, so you may have missed some theater news that you probably don't care that much about. Thank Godot I'm here. A small roundup:

  • Simple, no-frills revivals of Our Town and Othello were the critical darlings of the week. Especially Othello, which you should see if only because my college roommate Matt did the sound design.
  • A Cosby Show alumni-stuffed production of Three Sisters (Sondra! Cliff's dad!) up in Harlem didn't fare so well.
  • You should go check out This Beautiful City, from theatre troupe The Civilians. Their show Gone Missing was the best thing I saw on stage in 2007, I'm pretty sure. This one's about Evangelism in Colorado Springs.
  • In the requisite Jeremy Piven news, he wept and felt sad. But he's not out of the woods yet.
  • Robin Williams is coming to town with a one man show. It's called, in true Williamsy dated fashion, Weapons of Self-Destruction. So, there's that.
  • The new musical at Lincoln Center Happiness, from the Grey Gardens music team, began previews last night. Though it's directed by Mel Brooks panhandler Susan Stroman... so. We'll see.
  • A musical based on The Addams Family will be coming to Broadway in 2010. Hammy vets Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth played Gomez and Morticia in a workshop last month, but they're in no way confirmed for the actual run. It's gonna be big! Maybe.
  • In regional news, a Dutch version of Mourning Becomes Electra is getting good notices in Chicago (unlike its New York cousin, which is closing early). If you're bored in Boston (but really, how could that be?), you should go see Boston Ballet's well-received production of George Balanchine's Jewels. (Ballet is: a bear wearing a fez, driving a tiny car in circles.) If you're in the Southland, go see Caryl Churchill's A Number at the Rude Guerilla Theatre Company in Santa Ana. The production of the haunting, chilling play about cloning is apparently "arresting."

OK, that's it! Happy viewing. Though, you're just going to stay home and watch TV aren't you?

Sigh. Me too.