People magazine is reporting that bubblegum pop star/ monster Chris Brown is back together again with battered (by him) woman/ superior singer Rihanna. I see only three possibilities, concerning this story:

1. False; Fabricated by some totally unreliable source; People runs anyhow, because, hey, crazy story!
2. False; planted with People by Chris Brown's camp, because Rihanna forgiving him makes him look somewhat less monstrous.
3. True, because Rihanna is maybe traumatized and has battered-woman syndrome or brain damage or something?

People's "source" is almost certainly a Brown-friendly flack, given the source's quote: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves." So either #2 or #3 could be accurate. Or #1, for that matter, you never know with these things. Wasn't Jay-Z supposed to step in and beat some ass here? What happened to that?

The true test of this story will come if and when Rihanna and Gum boy appear in public together again at some event. At which time somebody is bound to kick Chris Brown's ass, because, come on. [People; Pic via]