The more reserved of the two Hollywood watchdogs, Sharon Waxman hit out against her competitor Nikki Finke this week.

In a post titled, "Memo to Nikki: Stop Saying TheWrap Isn't Breaking Stories," Waxman takes aim at previous Finke claims that Waxman's newly launched media site, isn't breaking news.

Tit for tat.

In Finke's last hit, she was quoted in I Want Media as saying she doesn't read the site, basically calling it irrelevant.

Finke: "If it ever starts breaking news, and then doing it day after day, hour after hour, it will be. But that's hard. I wish her well."


Waxman writes in her column, saying that was the third instance of Finke dissing her site.

"So before this kind of repetition hardens into supposed fact, let me set the record straight. TheWrap is breaking news every day, and seeks to offer an authoritative, intelligent take on the issues facing the entertainment industry, every day."

She goes on to point out that she beat Finke in reporting that SAG President Alan Rosenberg "was suing his own union over the board's ouster of negotiator Doug Allen," and broke the news of the Lionsgate-Summit talks.

"We won't succeed every day," writes Waxman. "But we break a helluva lot of news, including right in Nikki's sweet spot — the guilds and the potential SAG strike."

Then she said: "Neener, neener, neener." No, really.

Can't wait to see what apocalyptic hellstorm Finke conjures after this.