Joining other newsmen at the Pearly Gates of Heaven is Paul Harvey, who passed away at age 90. Harvey was a broadcasting pioneer with a signature staccato speaking style that garnered him nationwide recognition.

Except for a brief break in 2001 when he had a virus that caused a weakened vocal cord, Harvey worked up until his death. He worked at ABC for 50 years, where his show "The Rest of the Story," was broadcast. Classic Harvey phrases included: "Stand by for news!" and was credited with coining "Reaganomics."

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2005.

The President of ABC Radio, Jim Robinson released as statement praising Harvey:

"Paul Harvey was one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation's history. As he delivered the news each day with his own unique style and commentary, his voice became a trusted friend in American households."

For you young ‘uns: To get a taste of Harvey's unique, strangely peppy delivery, click here. Paul Harvey, may you R.I.P..