Remember Republic Windows and Doors? The company that kicked off Depression 2.0 by staging the last successful labor sit-in that will ever happen? Yet more good news: they found a buyer!

This is the only good story of this miserable economy, that the union workers of a small-ish Chicago factory are indeed exercising their "right to work" as anti-union assholes always put it in their typically "opposite of what we mean" fashion. When the plant abruptly closed with three days notice and workers were denied their severance and vacation pay owed them by federal law and their contracts, 200 workers staged a sit-in, and then they won.

The company makes energy-efficient windows, which are a thing people need, and so a California company is going to rehire laid-off workers and reopen factory doors in a month.

So everything is working out OK for 200 American workers yay!