Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will fix the health care, in our country, just like she almost fixed it in Kansas! Until she ran into political opposition!

Sebelius, a Democrat in a crazy conservative heartland state, did try her darndest to expand health coverage for Kansans, but Kansans didn't want to pay more cigarette taxes (which is understandable—why don't we tax something else for a change) and Republicans wanted a more "market-based approach" because they don't even bother to propose solutions based in anything other than buzzwords anymore, so she just kinda gave up after she signed Kansas up for that program that lets Americans buy drugs from American pharmaceutical companies but via nations with socialized health care so the drugs are much cheaper than they'd be in a marker-based system.

There is some scandal involving her once having a party for an abortionist, but we are more curious to see if anyone in the senate brings up her son's racist RISD "prison rape board game" project during the confirmation.

Remember that? So funny!