The Obamas are just like us: drinking through this recession, at home! Well, not entirely like us. They're all wearing fancy clothes and they have jobs and Steve Wonder is there.

The Obama want to restore the idea of The White House as The People's House so they're hosting weekly black-tie cocktail partiesin the historic East Room for governors, lawmakers, and Stevie Wonder.

The governors' dinner was "a great kickoff of what we hope will be an atmosphere here in the White House that is welcoming and that reminds everybody that this is the people's house," Obama told the state chief executives after they had dined on Maryland crab, Wagyu beef, Nantucket scallops and citrus salad.

And then Earth, Wind and Fire played and the assembled VIPs formed a Conga Line.

Drudge's headline on this story about how the Obamas are inviting legislators over to flatter them into supporting their policies is headlined "DANCING THE RECESSION AWAY: CONGA LINES, PARTIES, COCKTAILS AT OBAMA WHITE HOUSE...." You know, they're drinkin' and dancin' and partying while we all starve, right? Ha ha patently ridiculous! But, of course, APPEARANCES DO MATTER, so maybe they shouldn't party every Wednesday? 'Cause they're one Michelle Obama couture dress price scandal away from the populist outrage visited upon John Thain and his commode on legs (the purchase of which was supervised by Obama White House decorator-designate Michael Smith!).

We do so like to see the glamorous people enjoying themselves during down times, but the Obamas are not exactly Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

So let's have a poll to decide what we think!