In Tuesday's disturbing relationship newsdump, we learn Nadya Suleman's kids brutalize her, Rihanna's Chris Brown reunion riled her family and dinner with TomKat is as weird as you think.

  • Nadya Suleman said in her first RadarOnline videoblog that her older six kids attacked a picture of her newest eight kids. The tykes are slapping her, as well. At least when she wears the wrong colors. [Scoop]
  • Rihanna and her reported batterer Chris Brown must really be trying to reconcile, because her family is flipping out. Sean Combs is hosting the pair, since a disturbing young couple in need (of a place to hide from public shame) is a disturbing young couple indeed. [People]
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went to dinner with fellow actor John Lithgow and his wife Mary Yeager. Holmes was crazy in a catatonic way; Tom was crazy in manic way. As usual with the couple. You crazy Operating Thetans, you! [Gatecrasher]
  • The Brazilian dumped by young model Jesus Luz so he could date Madonna is not at all bitter, especially if not being bitter will get her own model pictures in the papers. [Mail]
  • How good was Elton John's Oscar party? "Vomiting for days" good, raves one guest. [P6]
  • At "21," Chelsea Clinton supposedly sent back a birthday cake because she and her father Bill are allergic to chocolate. Really? [P6]
  • BREAKING: Peaches Geldof was "outclassed" somewhere. (This time it was a fashion event where she wore a "simple cream sheath over black tights" more appropriate for "a casual night out with friends.") [Mail]
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson like to travel, so they can have screaming breakup fights in new and exciting locations. Tear-stained floor of a London nightclub, anyone? [London Paper]