It looked touch-and-go there for a moment, but the Sarah Silverman Program will be returning to Comedy Central for another season. Who do we have to thank for this? Big old honking gay folks.

Namely those big old honking gay folks at Comedy Central's sister network, Logo. The curious little series, featuring comedian Silverman, her sister Laura, and whole cast of wacky characters, looked like it was going to peter out and die when Comedy Central had to—because of the economy and all—slash the show's budget by 20%. Not exactly chuffed by this idea, the producers threatened to leave. The network wanted to keep the show running, but they just couldn't hammer out an acceptable budget agreement.

Then, in swept Logo, sabers a' brandish, capes fluttering in the breeze. With the two forces combined, the show will have an even higher budget than the previous $1.1 million per episode (TV is expensive). Plus, Logo can cash in on Silverman's big fag (und hag) appeal, as well as the fact that there is a hetero-acting (sorta) gay couple on the show. Everybody wins! Especially Logo viewers (hi, you two!) who previously only had the abysmal Big Gay Sketch Show to turn to for laughs on the network, which has consistently failed to be as sexy as here! or as splashy and original as Bravo.