It's true: Barack Obama's new logo, to be stamped on all stimulus-funded projects, is "less fascist" than the militaristic New Deal logos of the 1930s. Our Stalinist dictator must present a hippie front!

First off, the logo is a circle, evoking unity, Mother Earth, peace symbols and the folk music LPs that go so well with a little libtard reefer. Even the internal pie pieces have rounded corners, so as not to cut anyone's feelings, accidentally.

Heck, you even have, like, a little weed thing down there in the lower left corner, symbolizing how we'll grow our way out of this recession by, uh, preserving forests? Or maybe via genetic talking plant experiments or something.

And you have to love how the little industrial gears in the lower right corner are softened with the medical red cross for some reason. Abortion factories for everyone! At least that's what Rush Limbaugh will say tomorrow. More likely it's a biotech shout-out.

But the Obama logo isn't the absolute softest brand of its kind. It's got "RECOVERY.GOV" stamped in masculine ALL CAPS on top, and some proud flag stars. And as the last two images in our gallery below illustrate, the Franklin Roosevelt administration's art deco posters and artwork could be pretty frilly. There were all sorts of WPA-funded posters as homoerotic as that last one.

(Pics, from Top: Obama logo via; National Recovery Administration logo via; WPA USA Work program logo via; WPA poster via; Paul Mays mural via)