Here you see a photo of swindler Bernie Madoff partying down on a recent New Year' eve. Partying down to hell, ha. In non-party hat Madoff news: is his wife delusional, or just greedy?

Madoff's wife Ruth (or should we say Ruthless, ha) had her lawyer up in court yesterday telling the judge, with a straight face, that "her $7 million Manhattan apartment and $62 million in accounts were unrelated to the purported fraud," so she should be allowed to keep them.

LOL! (Or should we say, LO-go to hell? Ha.)

Trustees are also asking the court to hand over Madoff's entire firm, all his property, his art collection, and his various season tickets. Which would be nice, but probably don't add up to $50 billion. [Pic: Carmen Dell'Orefice/Vanity Fair]