Another children's book is ruined, Christopher Nolan plans his next project (yay!), a crazy old rich man gets his day in Hollywood, Mickey Rourke steamrolls on, as does, sigh Sherri Shepherd.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are teeming up as a mismatched duo in the wacky comedy A Couple of Cops. It's being directed-for-hire by flailing "indie" comedian Kevin Smith. [Variety] Meanwhile Leonardo DiCaprio is is starring in a sci-fi written and directed by Christopher Nolan. [Variety] And, yay for some of you!, Megan Fox continues to get movie roles. [Variety] Oh. Heh. Mickey Rourke will be starring in an S&M film. [Variety]

A biopic about failed car maker John Z. DeLorean is in the works. No word yet on whether or not the film will incorporate the happy accident that his automobiles can be fashioned into time machines. [Variety] Scott Rudin, perhaps still reeling from his Harvey Weinstein/The Reader flame-out, has gone and struck a deal with Weinstein's former company, Miramax. He'll be producing a Patrick Marber (Closer) adaptation of Zoe Heller's novel The Believers. This is the third outing together for Rudin and Marber. [Variety]


Oh hellll no. A movie version of the Ramona Quimby books? Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Bridget Moynahan, and [shudder] John Corbett? Ugh. Well, Goodwin as Aunt Bea sounds fine. But Moynahan as Ramona's mom? Sigh. Really, the only acceptable screen version of Ramona stars Sarah Polley. [THR] The View rambler Sherri Shepherd has landed a Lifetime comedy pilot. Terrific. [THR]


Ben Silverman's former production hut Reveille has a new head of reality programming. Noah Oppenheim was a producer at the Today Show before he was brought on as a development VP. Currently, the company's, um, largest reality show is probably The Biggest Loser. [THR]