A week has passed since the commenter gang gathered to live-gab the season finale of our favorite foodfight. Thought you'd seen the last this little live-blogging luau (and my hyper-alliterative prose), didn't you?

Well, so did I — but then some of you told me that Bravo will air a "Top Chef Reunion" show tonight at 9 Eastern (Note: that's 9, not 10!), and asked if we could all live-blog that, too. And I thought: Why not ask Gawker to throw up one more post for us, for old times sake? And so I did. And so Gawker did. So now we can "live-blog the epilog," as it were. Here's our chance to:

  • Relive the glory of nicknames like "Rainbow Tats," "Gagnon Splooge" and "The Gastro-gnome."
  • Love that bald guy, hate that other bald guy and feel strangely conflicted about that third bald guy.
  • Sing the "Hootie Boo Hoo Blues" as we cry again for Carla. And for us all. For haven't we all let a clueless Casey lead us astray at one time or another in our lives?

Hey, remember that great big egg? That sucker was huge! Oh man. Good times, good times …

We can also gossip and marvel over how much our fellow commenters have changed over the past seven days: "Can you believe how dressed for success Lizawithazee looks these days? … How bald bjonston's become? … How hot Dot got? … Oh, and get a load of how ‘heavy duty' the Glad Family of Products is looking lately — he's gone from two-ply to three-ply at least!"

So let's head into the virtual Holiday Inn conference room, sniff nametag-magic-marker fumes, belly up to the open bar and hit the disco dance floor. Time to get this seven-day reunion party started!