Grandparents: they hate their grandkids nowadays! It's all detailed right there in a brand new breaking trend story from the New York Times, the Paper of Record. Nobody likes anybody any more!

We sure do read lots of totally made-up trend stories, but this one is the most flimsily justified we've seen in some time. Which is great for entertainment purposes! Step one: the news peg. Obama-mom!

FOR every Marian Robinson, who retired from her job to take full-time care of her grandchildren, Malia and Sasha Obama, while their parents were busy with other things last year, there is a Judy Connors, who loves her two grandchildren but has no interest in Candy Land, peekaboo or bedtime stories.

Step two: did you know that you can find someone with a medical credential who will agree with any old premise? It's true!

"There are some parents who probably don't have a realistic expectation of how invested their parents should be in the grandchildren," said Dr. Gail Saltz, a Manhattan psychiatrist. "But because this generation's children are the center of their universe, it's hard not to take the grandparents' ‘why should I be bothered?' attitude personally."

Step three: something on the internet?

On the Web site Urban Baby, complaints about uninvolved grandparents are a recurring theme, said Justine Reese, the site's senior product manager.

Step four: cutesy phrases justify everything!

Thoroughly modern grandmothers, so-called glam-mas...

In other words, it may take a village to raise a child, but these days the village may be more heavily populated with nannies than nanas.

In fairness the author did find four (4) different women who said their moms don't like their kids, a full 33% more than legally required to prove a trend. So, slam-fucking-dunk. Oh these modern times! [NYT]