Today in the news of the showbiz world, we have Meryl Streep as Brechtian hero. Steve Carell as fought-over divorce child. Tyler Perry as fool. And Shonda Rhimes as wicked devil creator.

Did you wake up this morning feeling like it was your lucky day? Well, it wasn't as baseless and miserably ironic a claim as it usually is. Because today we learn that Lionsgate, beautiful studio of Saw movies, is allowing Tyler Perry to foist two more of his talkies upon this world. One stars recent Oscar-nominee Taraji P. Henson (Taraji P.! Noooo!!) and the other is a sequel to his landmark Janet Jackson film, Why Did I Get Married? Because Tyler Perry told you to. That's why. [Variety]

Don't worry. That theatre documentary Theater of War about Meryl Streep performing a Tony Kushner translation of Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children outdoors in the summer of 2006 (saw it, amazing) has found a distributor. Alive Media will handle all that business for you, and the doc will soon be out on DVD. What a relief, huh? [Variety]


The long will-they-or-won't-they battle over Dinner for Schmucks has finally been resolved. Once thought lost to the terrible split between Paramount and DreamWorks, the Steve Carell makes funny ha-ha's with Paul Rudd while director Jay Roach sits on and nods like an asshole comedy will begin shooting in October, and everyone has a stake! Paramount and DreamWorks even, with a 33% investment. Broken homes ain't broke until they broke, y'all. [Variety]

Oh good. World's most annoying actress Dakota Fanning will play Cheri Currie while vastly overrated Twilight sellout Kristen Stewart mopes as Joan Jett in a biopic about The Runaways, a 70's early wave punk band from the sun-stained streets of Los Angeles. In other news, Haley Joel Osment has just been cast as Steven Tyler and Alex D. Linz will play Bob Dylan in a highly reworked version of Tom Stoppard's play Rock and Roll. [Variety]


Firefly enchantress Gina Torres has finally found work again, this time in a pilot called Washington Field. Also Indira Varma, who played (swoon) Vorenus' wife Niobe on Rome, has landed the plummest role of them all: the lead in Shonda Rhimes' new series Inside the Box, about the busy staff at a news program who must deal with both workplace complexities and their erratic emotional lives that exist just... outside the box. As news of this show develops, many ladies have already begun rabidly clapping, while others have experienced spontaneous and unpredictable bouts of vomiting and eye-bleeding. [THR]