The hero of the Hudson Plane Ditch was seen today as just a passenger on a plane. But NOT on his employer's airline, US Airways. No, the villain was flying Virgin America!:

Spotted: Capt Sully on Virgin America Flight 11 from JFK to SFO this morning. Was sitting in seat 13F until he got bumped to first class. Everybody clapped!

US AIR FLIES TO SAN FRANCISCO, SULLY. And, last time we checked, is not owned by a foreigner. What a jerk. He thinks just because he managed to miraculously plop a large piece of flying metal down into a near-frozen, boat-crowded river abutted on both sides by the most populous part of the United States and have everyone come out of it alive that he can just do whatever he wants, AND be moved up to first class for it. Well the buck stops here, bub. We're on to you.

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