Just because everyone was mystified at Obama's desire to appoint teevee talking head (and real doctor!) Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General doesn't mean we didn't want it. Alas, the dream may be is dead.

Jerry Farrell, who heads the Commissioned Officers Association, told FOXNews.com Thursday that CNN's chief medical correspondent is known to have taken himself out of consideration.

"The general consensus from everybody is Gupta is no longer in contention ... it's more he's withdrawing himself," Farrell said, citing conversations he's had with "well-placed" individuals.

Sanjay, CNN, and Barack Obama's socialist government agencies are all mum on the point, but America has already suffered two long months without Sanjay Gupta's healing touch upon our collective fevered brow. It looks like it just may not come to pass. We might have to break down and see a real doctor.

Update: And now it's official. His employer CNN is reporting:

"Sanjay Gupta was under serious consideration for the job of surgeon general," the official said in an e-mail. "He has removed himself from consideration to focus more on his medical career and his family. We know he will continue to serve and educate the public through his work with media and in the medical arena."

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