First the New York Times and Wall Street Journal published the phone number for Obama hottie Jon Favreau. Now Extra fails to redact Chris Brown and Rihanna's phone numbers from a search warrant.

The phone numbers were contained in court documents for the prosecution of singer Brown for allegedly beating girlfriend and fellow R&B star Rihanna. Celebrity news show Extra published the raw documents on its website and, like other outlets, attempted to redact the phone numbers of Brown, Rihanna and Rihanna's personal assistant.

Unfortunately, Extra editors missed a spot, right near the top of the 11-page search-warrant application, exposing the three numbers for which police are seeking records. We've blurred them at left.

It's not clear from the warrant which number belongs to which person, though it seems safe to guess both Rihanna and her personal assistant would be using the same provider, T-Mobile. The first Verizon and second T-Mobile number are disconnected; a recording of the voice mail for the first T-Mobile number is above. You can decide for yourself if you think it belongs to Rihanna or her assistant.

We imagine both Rihanna and her helper have precious little time right now for calls from strangers, courtesy Extra. On the other hand, if the working number does belong to one of them and not some poor new subscriber who got prematurely-recycled digits, then at least the show gave Rihanna's worried family a way to finally get back in touch with her.