In your philosophical Friday media column: arm-twisting at the San Francisco Chronicle, intellectual thuggery at the NAACP, body-slamming of college papers, and death and rebirth of reporters:

Even as it's busy shutting down the Seattle paper and (maybe) combining some papers in Texas, Hearst has found the time to tell the union at the San Francisco Chronicle to either give in to the company's demands or face 225 job cuts. Winding down the entire newspaper industry is hard work.

That whole NAACP protest against the New York Post over the Sean Delonas monkey cartoon thing wasn't as unified as it appears; Nat Hentoff reports that the NAACP actually had one critic removed from its annual meeting after he said "Demagoguery is not the standard of effective leadership in addressing serious social justice issues." Related: Nat Hentoff is now reporting for the "Daily News Tribune." Times are bad.

College newspapers are floundering financially because of weak ad revenue, just like real papers! Solution here.

More on Brooklyn blogger Robert Guskind, who died this week of a reported drug overdose.


Tania deLuzuriaga, the former reporter who quit after it came out that she had an affair with a Miami school superintendent while covering him, has found a new job! She's now a flack. [Joke joke joke]. Well good for her for being employed, we say.