Peaches Geldof just made headlines in the London tabloids for announcing on Facebook she has "married" her lady DJ friend. It's a joke/publicity stunt, of course, but it did get us thinking:

Is the 19-year-old heiress consciously trying to walk in Lindsay Lohan's tear-stained celebrity footsteps, or just kind of accidentally stumbling along them in a drug-addled haze?

Let's review the similarities:

Headline-making lesbian relationship with a DJ. We suspect Lohan and Samantha Ronson are just a bit more serious than Geldof and her buddy Fifi Brown, who DJ together as "Trash Pussies." Geldof and Brown make Facebook quips about getting married; Lohan and Ronson have angry fights throughout New York and London.

Coke. Geldof denied using cocaine but was filmed buying drugs. Cocaine and cocaine rehab rumors have dogged Lohan.

Nude pics. Lohan took off her top for New York magazine in an oh-so-artistic homage to Marilyn Monroe. Geldof took hers off, apparently for a paparazzo, and was featured in an oh-so-artistic tour of her tattoos (sorry, "body art").

Geldof of course is unlikely to take the one big step needed to truly live like Lohan: Earning all that money she blows.

(Pics, from top: via Sun, Getty, via Sun, via News of the World)