Remember the name "Jonathan Krohn." At the 13-year-old's apparent rate of mental development, he'll soon move on from speaking at a conservative convention to launching the next National Review or Fox News.

And he'll maybe replace William Kristol as the New York Times house conservative in the meantime. We're just guessing.

Here's a quick rundown of young Krohn's life thus far, courtesy a Times Sunday Styles piece:

  • Home schooled.
  • He is studying Arabic. (??!?!?!)
  • Is way more political than either of his parents, though they are conservatives as well.
  • Started calling into conservative radio host Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" show six years ago, after he learned the concept of a U.S. Senate "filibuster" and became obsessed with politics. Was a hit with listeners.
  • Appeared in 20-30 Christian Youth Theater plays and regional shows, honing the voice delivery skills that served him so well at the CPAC conservative convention, but says his "acting career" is now over.
  • Wrote a book to explain conservatism to laymen, and self published it.
  • Self-published using "his own savings, earned from writing and performing on a syndicated radio Bible show for children."
  • Is working on the book's second edition.
  • Georgia gubernatorial candidates are already seeking meetings, and presumably his endorsement. (Well, one is. But once the others catch wind...)
  • Is media-savvy enough to give the Times this zinger to end on: "His voice rising to a wobbly squeak, he grabs any opening to press the cause. 'Barack Obama is the most left-wing president in my lifetime,' he said.' Mr. Krohn buried his face in his hands. 'Oh, Jonathan,' he sighed.

The left's only hope to keep this kid from doing Something Big is to offer him a good scholarship to a left-leaning school and try to flip him. Or to pray (to its pagan secular God(s)) that such a conversion becomes inevitable as the teenagers' mental capacity continues increasing at an exponential rate.