The consummate professionals at the Fox & Friends morning show discussed Chris Brown and Rihanna's music careers this morning with all the sensitivity you've come to expect. Which is exactly none.

Today, Steve Doocy made a joke and/or really shitty choice of words when talking about battered singer Rihanna. He was discussing, with that bellowing Glen Beck character, the fact that both Rihanna and her alleged abuser Brown are nominated for 'Best Song' at the Kids' Choice Awards. Which means that, yes, Chris Brown could 'beat' Rihanna again. Terrible! Funny! Everything. Steve Doocy is an ass.

Also on the Chris Brown news radar is that the mysterious text messenger, the one who prompted the fight between the couple that lead to the beating, is none other than Brown's manager Tina Davis. Might they be dating on the sly? Davis was rumored to have been having a relationship with Brown when he was 16—and she was 37.