Gavin Newsom, the politically ambitious, Google-loving, baby-making, gay-marriage-crusading mayor of San Francisco, is meeting Twitter CEO Ev Williams today! Possibly on the agenda: Can he get tipsy female relatives off it?

Chloe Newsom, who once loudly claimed to a reporter that she was the mayor's first cousin, abused Newsom for betraying his staunchly Democratic family by appearing on Fox News, the channel where Newsom's ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle works, over the weekend:

Newsom, who's putting together a run to be governor of California, responded to her, explaining that he had to "reach out." His mention of her name resulted in a flood of new Twitter pals for Chloe.

Not that the younger Newsoms particularly mind being famous! Gavin and his cousins are all scions of a wealthy, influential political family in San Francisco. His father, William Newsom, helped manage the Getty family's oil fortune (and later helped mismanage a doomed startup called Pay By Touch.)

San Francisco writer Harmon Leon, author of American Dream, ran into an unnamed Newsom cousin, whom he now confirms was none other than Chloe Newsom, five years ago, on the eve of Gavin's election as mayor. Leon squired her to the election-night party of Newsom's opponent, Matt Gonzalez. She had high hopes for the resulting publicity:

I take Gavin Newsom's first cousin, her friend and the drunk guy to Gonzalez's headquarters. At least she has enough sense to know that even though she is not a Green Party member, there is a much, much better party going on. I whip off my tie and head toward the Mission. Yes, I'm taking Gavin Newsom's first cousin to the dark side!

"My cousin would kill me if he finds out," proclaims Gavin Newsom's first cousin as she relays myriad stories about family gatherings with Gavin and the Gettys....

Just shortly after arriving, Gavin Newsom's first cousin asks to go back to my car so she can put on more makeup. She then tries to tear down a poster depicting Bush, Schwarzenegger and her first cousin that reads "The Holy Untrinity!"

"Will you mention my name in your article?" asks Gavin Newsom's first cousin when we return to Gonzalez headquarters. "I want to be like Paris Hilton!" ...

Gavin Newsom's first cousin is eager to meet her relative's rival. She approaches the approachable Gonzalez and flaunts the fact that she is Gavin Newsom's first cousin.

"I now have the biggest crush on Matt Gonzalez," she states directly afterward. "Oh, my god, I so want to make out with Matt Gonzalez."

How frustrating it must have been to young Chloe — who's now 24, and would therefore have been under legal drinking age during that boozy election night — not to have been named then!

A better-known Newsom relative is Joanna Newsom — Gavin's second cousin. She is a singer. A really, really bad one. As Leon notes, Joanna's voice sounds like a baby gargling:

Be sure to check out Chloe Newsom's MySpace page. Her username is "iwasneveranygood," and her profile is a lot of fun! For example: She has a photo album titled "Welcome to L.A. You guys are fucking gay" — which should really help Gavin when he's campaigning for governor down south!