Well, someone at CNBC finally had the nerve and basic PR savvy to answer Jon Stewart: Jim Cramer, the Daily Show host's recent favorite whipping boy, will appear on the fake news show Thursday.

Just to make sure there's no misunderstandings, though, the program made it known it plans to take another run at Cramer tonight. That follows a Daily Show segment dedicated to the Mad Money host's bad calls last night (see clip below) and the five prominently-placed swipes at his record in the show's seven-minute CNBC evisceration last week.

Cramer should probably also expect a biting video "introduction" Thursday; the Daily Show's CNBC rant last week was originally to precede an interview with the network's reporter Rick Santelli.

Or Cramer could, you know, cancel, as Santelli did, and give the Daily Show another week of absolutely golden ratings. (At least this downturn is minting money for someone.)

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