However much Michael Jackson hopes to make off the auction of this creepy poem of his, engraved into a marble slab, it can't be worth the damage to what's left of the singer's reputation.

John Lundberg at Huffington Post asks the natural question: What sort of accused child molester carves in stone lines like

Children of the world, we'll do it
With song and dance and innocent bliss
The soft caress of a loving kiss
We'll do it


Answer: One whose utter lack of self-awareness also allowed him to blow a staggering fortune on baubles like a custom Rolls Royce interior, a baby-orgy decanter, and outdoor statues of children touching each other.

Besides, child-abuse prosecutors could already access the poem using subpoena powers, so it's not like Jackson is getting himself into any immediate legal trouble. Now the rest of us get to be creeped out by it.

Jackson seems to say we should get past our hangups:

Psychologists probe, analyze the tears
Of hysterical notions, phobias, fears

While priests take confessions
In a serious session
And people struggle
In the hustle and bustle
In the noise and din
On the meaning of sin
We'll touch the stars, embrace the moon
Break the barrier, arrive there soon
Ride the rainbow, the cloud, the storm
Flying in the wind, changing our form

You can read the whole thing here. If, you know, you haven't had quite enough already.