Good news: we have a drug czar! Bad news: his kid uses drugs, like everyone's kid. It's just like some movie!

The Drug Czar is an archaic, stupid position that was invented (or named, at least) by Joe Biden. Obama is revoking its Cabinet level designation, at least (that was Bush's big drug policy, there, promoting the czar). The czar is forbidden from advocating legalization (great job, government), but czar designate Gil Kerlikowske supports "treatment" over "jail," which is a baby step.

So. We don't know much about this Kerlikowske character; he is the chief of police of Seattle, which seems like a pretty chill position. He once "allowed himself to be shot with 50,000 volts of electricity in front of reporters and television cameras" in order to show off how great tasers are, which is really dumb. Also he once left his gun in his car, and it got stolen.

But the most important thing about him is that his son has been arrested multiple times for possession and distribution of mary jane. As the Post says, the kid's arrests have "led some to draw unfavorable comparisons to the film 'Traffic.'" The "unfavorable" bit there is hilarious. You know, "unlike in that Soderbergh movie, this kid's arrest was not explosively acted, thrillingly edited, and ultimately enlightening in a surprisingly understated way." That Jeff Kerlikowske is no Topher Grace, right?

Anyways let's all just hope he's paid his taxes.