It's Fashion Week in gay Paris! Making it, you know, even more gay. The event always showcases the wildest of modern garments, so we've put together a gallery of some of our favorites. Bon Appetit!

"Tell my mother Demeter that I miss her."

The arch nemesis of Princess Yellow Boots.


If the girl in the middle just keeps her shit together, these three are totally gonna get into that R-rated movie.


"Are you enjoying what my face is doing to you?"

"Yes, hi. I'm here for the job interview?"

On her way to kill Bastian. (In the sequel).

Do not accept a chimney sweep from this street urchin. Trust me. (This, by the way, was designed by Wolfgang Joop, the guy who called Heidi Klum heavy. So, good work Joop).

When it's windy, they play Für Elise.

So, yes. Muzzy is dead. But at least we now have this great coat.

Oddjob's American niece, Brandy.

"I've been in the bat cave for...oh, three years now? The rent's cheap, but there are some drawbacks."

Countess Browntrousers is the arch nemesis of all.

"I'd better put on my goggles, 'cause I'm already flying! Ha Ha! Get It? Ha. Sigh... I'm addicted to drugs."

All images via AP