Political strategist Joe Trippi has enraged the diabetic community, by saying that many of them would like to see some more stem cell research in order to maybe cure diabetes. NO WAY, they say!

Joe Trippi is famous for working to make John Edwards and Howard Dean America's favorite successful presidential candidates, and for inventing "raising money on the internet." Also apparently he's diabetic, like famous football superstar Jay Cutler! This is what he wrote that enraged non-diabetic (but possible future diabetic!) Jonah Goldberg:

I'm not alone. 23.6 million Americans suffer from diabetes. And, for all of us, Monday was an important-and emotional-day. President Barack Obama signed an executive order lifting the nation's ban on funding research on new embryonic stem cell lines. With it, there is new hope for millions of diabetes sufferers, including me, as well as millions more suffering from other debilitating diseases.

Emphasis Jonah's, obviously. Because it is that little bit of standard-issue rhetorical hyperbole that outraged him, so much! "WHAT ABOUT CATHOLIC DIABETICS" he shouted, "SURELY THERE IS AT LEAST ONE DIABETIC WHO LOVES LITTLE BABY FULLY HUMAN EMBRYOS, RIGHT?" And on cue, one of them blogged a blog about it! (A diabetic person, not an embryo. Embryos can't blog. Unless they're the embryonic offspring of someone really famous and tight with Tina Brown.)

So blah blah this person is diabetic and also loves all the baby embryos and making them into stem cells is MURDER so fuck you, Joe Trippi, one diabetic person disagrees with and you and so your point about how grateful you are as a diabetes sufferer that there may be exciting medical advances that may help you is basically stupid and proven wrong BY SCIENCE.

(And now that Corner post is GONE for some reason why does this keep happening to us? We are not even linking to particularly egregious ones!)