Do you want to become a part of history? Fax a photograph to 718.384.1208 by 4pm.

Laurel Ptak, the woman behind iheartphotograph, a personal friend, old Gawker photographer and the curator of the exhibit In Real Life, is attempting to "assemble the world's largest archive of photographs transmitted via telefacsimile" today until 4 pm. The thing about obscure world record attempts is that one is destined to succeed. For instance, right now, I just set the world record for "Longest Time Spent Patting Down Ones Own Pockets For A Set of Keys That Were Left In The Door." I spend 5'48" and I'm wearing pajamas!

Anyway, Laurel's request is below:

In a performance that enacts a recent history of data compression and transmission techniques, I Heart Photograph will attempt to assemble the world's largest archive of photographs transmitted via telefacsimile. The site's viewers will be invited to send one photograph each by fax machine during the hours of 12–4pm EST on 3/14-temporarily replacing the digital means through which work is typically submitted to the blog.

Of particular interest is the relationship between data transmission techniques and their resulting forms-the fax machine itself will be considered a collaborator in the creative process here, performing alterations to the photographic content, and essentially reauthoring its visual form. Every single photograph received will be cataloged, scanned, and immediately posted on Along with your photo, please include a cover letter with your name, email address, URL, and title of the work. Fax to: (+001) 718.384.1208.

Faxing your own genitalia, though painful, is encouraged.

PS. Check out this poem about a cat that retrieves faxes. The internet is a wondrous thing