Yesterday at an open call for short women auditioning for America's Next Top Model, there was a riot. What were they rioting against or for isn't clear. Kind of like NYU!

The likely answer is that there was little rhyme or reason to their stampede. Often when a group of anxious nervous and excitable models get together they tend to panic. This is because hopes of fame, ponies, and combine with aggression, uncertainty and self-delusion to combust into a fireball, sometimes called a tizzy. And once one person snaps, or tizzies, everyone snaps and they run around and into each other. This is only exacerbated when the would-like-to-be models are short—-the call was only open to women under 5'7"—and have very little chance of actually becoming a professional models without the help of Tyra et al. The Daily News is reporting that the riot was incited by someone yelling fire. But the only fire burning yesterday was likely the smoldering frustrations inside the breasts of the hopefuls