Today we have a singer's broke husband, a not-so-rehabbed starlet, a secretly gay music industry player, fucked up kids from fucked up things, long ago, and a broke actor.

1) "Which songbird's hard-up husband is having a hard time paying off her $500,000 engagement ring? He tried to stiff the jeweler and when finally threatened with a lawsuit, said he'd pay - on an installment plan." [P6]

2) "Which rehabbed starlet's wallet turned up in the Financial District, with her driver's license, black American Express card and several bags of blow?" [NYDN]

3) "Which music big shot renowned for his way with ladies is having a fling with his male colleague? They always fight in public.. but it's a front for a passionate love affair." [Mirror]

4) "This was a very popular family movie based on a best selling book starring lots of kids. One of the teenagers (at the time) in the movie who is extremely good looking and makes his career based on those looks now got his on set tutor pregnant. They are not together anymore and she is raising their child." [CDaN]

5) "This actress was very young when she was on this hit network drama. It ran for at least five years and during the last three of those years she was doing coke on a daily basis. After the show went off the air she spent a year in rehab and getting her nose fixed before her parents felt she was ready to return to middle school. Yes, middle school. She has just started acting again, although this time it is movies." [CDaN]

6) "This superstar athlete is the arguably one of the best of all time at his profession. However, while he was all man on the field, he was all woman off the field. You see, in his private time, he enjoys wearing women's lingerie and cosmetics. His ex freaked out over her discovery of his secret stash of women's clothing and makeup and left him. He is married to someone else now, and his wife knows about his hobby. As her own high-profile is tied to his, she will put up with it as long as her lifestyle is maintained." [Blind Gossip]

7) "This star is in really bad financial shape. How bad? Well, they actually went to a Beverly Hills pawn shop and tried to get the pawnbroker to take their Academy Award and Golden Globe statues. The pawnbroker refused the Oscar - as they actually belong to the Academy and can not be sold - but did take the Golden Globe. The statue will be sold in four months unless the star can pay back the loan with interest." [Blind Gossip]