So rabid nutcase pundit Laura Ingraham called Meghan McCain fat. Wonderful, now we're stuck with her, Laura.

See, Meghan is John McCain's daughter, and outside of that fact there is precisely nothing about her worth paying attention to and she has nothing interesting to say, as she proves each week on Tina Brown's Fancy Blog For Fancy People Illustrated.

She was on TV, and she was inarticulate and boring. But then Laura called her fat! And now Meghan gets to take the high ground in a "I tried to have a serious debate about the issues and look what happened" piece. Of course if she wants us to pay attention to her "ideas" instead of her appearance, well, it will end up even more hurtful because her "ideas," thus far, have been "why don't boys like me" and "what's up with Ann Coulter?"

Here are some more of her ideas:

I also thought the media outlets that reported on Laura's comments about me were out of line. I don't listen to Laura's show, so if journalists hadn't picked up on it and reported on it, I never would have known what she said. I wonder how Laura would feel if at some point someone were to criticize her daughter's weight and broadcast it nationally on the radio.

What a good point. She wouldn't like it if someone were to be as mean to her as she is to other people.

So, Meghan, let it be said that no matter what you looked like, we here at Gawker would still be completely baffled at the fact that you have such a prominent platform from which to say it.