The Kardashians are an entire family of national fameballs—Julia Allison can only dream of achieving their ubiquitous inanity. And America may have a new book from them to look forward to, a tipster says!

A stalker emails to tell us that all three of the Kardashian girls, along with their weird mom, were spotted in the Penguin USA headquarters on Hudson Street around noon today, apparently for a meeting. Unless you believe the Kardashians just like to wander into the headquarters of their favorite publishers to see where the magic happens, we'll soon be able to find out what Khloe's life is really like—in book form!

UPDATE: Our crack video dept. has unearthed this clip of the Kardashians on the Today show this morning talking about posing nude, with their mom smiling and encouraging them on, and basically the entire family is stone cold crazy.