Lanny Davis, the most pathetic of the Clinton primary campaign dead-enders, just reviewed his own son's book, for The Hill's "Pundits Blog." He liked it!

The book, by his son Seth, is about the 1979 NCAA basketball national championship game, between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Hah, there is a metaphor in there, somewhere, right?

The Game itself was a bit anticlimactic - Michigan State, the Big Ten champion, easily handled undefeated Indiana State, which came into the final game 33-0. MSU won 75-69. Larry Bird played poorly: He finished with 19 points on 7-for-21 shooting; he went 5-for-8 from the foul line, committed six turnovers, and had a season-low two assists. The last image of him on national TV was with his face in a towel. He refused to talk to the press after the game.

And then Lanny Davis went on the TV to demand that Magic make Larry his running mate, the end.

No, wait, it gets pretty bad later: not only does Lanny think his son is the world's best writer in history ever, but so does noted literary critic Donald Imus.

Recently, Don Imus interviewed Seth about his book on his nationally syndicated "Imus in the Morning" radio show. After the interview, I emailed Mr. Imus and thanked him for his gentle and positive treatment of my son. This was Mr. Imus' response:

"What a delightful young man. When he talked about you…the look that washed over his face nearly brought tears to my eyes. Charles [Imus' news broadcasting sidekick] and I talked about it later. We both have sons. The respect and love Seth has for you must be a wonderful comfort for you….Lovely kid. Pretty good old man."

Pretty good comment from anyone to a father about his child, I would say.

Yeesh. As if posting this treacly, embarrassing nonsense to a blog was not bad enough, Lanny emailed the entire post to his whole address book, so that everyone in Washington and New York would know that HIS SON IS SO TALENTED, EVEN IMUS THINKS SO.