Look how adorable the Times' most aggravating columnist was, in her little "Irish stuff" outfit!

Dowd's dad was born in Ireland, and during a trip back to her father's homestead in County Clare when she was 17, Dowd fell in love with some Irish roughneck who broke her heart and moved to Australia! Doesn't this sound like a quirky little faux-indie film that'd star Colm Meaney in a supporting role? But no, it is columnist Maureen Dowd's life.

Anyway, 2-year-old Maureen Dowd: adorable. 57-year-old Maureen Dowd: taking credit for changing the face of the presidential race by running a column where David Geffen criticized Hillary Clinton. Also here is some of that trademark Dowd wit:

She was intrigued that Obama's Irish ancestors hail from a town called Moneygall in Co. Offaly. Immediately she began, as she always does, playing around with the word.

"That's what this crisis is all about," she said. "Money and the gall of people and how they treated it."

So look for that line in a column.