In 1932, an aristocratic, white, crippled version of Barack Obama was elected president, and the Republican Party watched in horror as he eased a weary nation into the warm embrace of European socialism.

Here's how the Republicans tried to stop him back then:

A sharp attack on the policies of the Roosevelt Administration is contained in the pamphlet entitled "Let's Look at the Record," issued by the Republican National Committee.... [It] contends that President Roosevelt has not lived up to his campaign promises, in that he has not maintained a sound monetary policy, has broken his pledge to reduce the cost of the Federal Government 25 percent, and has failed to make good on public works and agricultural relief.

Since the Republican Party today comprises many of the same legislators who wrote the aforementioned anti-Roosevelt tract, look out for an imminent similar attack from the opposition party. Insert all the relevant aphorisms about history here, please: First time history second time farce; those who do not learn are doomed to repeat; it's not dead it's not even past; it is a slaughterbench, etc.

Here's how House Minority Leader John Boehner outlined his party's take on Obama's budget last week: "It's everything that he said that he was never going to be for when he ran for president. Now it's time for him to keep his word."

The whole New York Times story from 1933 is pasted below, so keep it in your back pocket for reference. You're going to need it.