Huffpo-er Jeremy Abelson interviewed famous American Julia Allison about how her "brand" will "make money." Not to get too technical, but it involves having people pay her for...stuff, that she does.

Here, the three ways Julia says she is going to get paid:

1) "Hopefully we'll sell — well, 'we' meaning myself and I and Lilly [her dog] over there — we'll sell a book, we'll sell a company, we'll sell a television show, and we'll sell a screenplay."

2) "I have started to do a lot of public speaking. I've spoken to all the senior execs at A&E, and the top three hundred marketing execs at Unilever."

3) "We take the [standard] click-through ad sales and tweak it so it's much more personal...People look at us like we are their friends, so when we recommend something it has a hell of a lot more value than an ad."

Here, the two ways Julia says she will not get paid:

1) "It can't be dependent on me writing more articles. You can make what? $50,000 a year?"

2) "What, like fucking my way to the middle? Yeah, I didn't do that."

Have any screenwriting, public speaking, or product endorsement work that does not involve writing articles or fucking? Contact "the next Oprah," thx. [Huffpo. Fun fact: Jeremy Abelson is the mastermind behind "Fashion Meets Finance." Appropriate!]