Ohh Hoda Kotb. The perpetually drunk Today Show hostess was celebrating St. Paddy's day pretty hard on-air this morning. Over at CBS, they were only pretending to drink. Take a cue, Hodes.

Because everyone knows that Irish people are nothing more than filthy drunks who reek of booze-stink all the ever lovin' day, the morning shows used the occasion to talk about beer and whiskey and magic drunk-getting coffee and, you know, drank it! Well, on CBS' Early Show they were taking demure little pretend sips and doing fanciful jigs. But Hoda... Hoda went full Kotb and glug-a-lugged throughout her entire hour. Temporary co-host Billy Bush (Kathie Lee is currently lying in the middle of the street in a pool of her own Jameson, her wig ablaze) was a terrible enabler, encouraging Hoda like so many Claire Huxtables to chug-a-lug. Hoda, watch how they do it on CBS. They don't actually get crunk. You could learn something.

Actually wait, don't. Keep on keepin' on. You're more fun (read: bearable) this way.

Thanks to video intern Nicole Keller for the clips!