Here's something scary that exists: The Automotive Broadcasting Network ("Fueled by CBS"!), which beams soothing, automotive industry-friendly news into car dealerships, so as not to upset the customers. Katie Couric is a GM zombie!

"The news has a negative effect on customers as well as employees," according to auto dealers, as well as the drone ABN salesman in this video clip. In other words, things that are happening, in the world, are bad for your business, as a seller of cars. True.

But even in the fucking ABN commercial, they couldn't avoid "DOW DOWN 500+ POINTS" in the background. Probably because of the auto industry.

Update: Jeff Bercovici reports that Couric didn't authorize the use of her ABN clip for use in their news-bashing marketing materials. So, CBS News sent a C&D letter to CBS Outernet which runs ABN and forced them to take down the clip. They complied, but there's still plenty of Couric littered throughout the site. For instance, this: