Don't let the barroom slapfights and gangster garb fool you: Hud Morgan, the Men's Vogue editor turned aspiring screenwriter, can be delightfully helpful. For example, the ex-gossip nearly answered our question, "Is Hud Morgan Begging For His Old Daily News Gig?"

From an email to us, from Morgan:

The idea that I'm trying to get back some job I held years ago—which doesn't even exist anymore—is hilarious. I realize this makes me sound like a self-righteous twat, but where do you come up with this nonsense?

Oh, come now: Your Tabloid Wars days were recent enough for you to realize 1> we were Just Asking, a perfect, impenetrable legal and ethical defense for all forms of salacious gossip, always, and 2> we can't tell you that, although we did drop a hint in the original item.

I suppose it's too much to ask that you try and verify it before posting it for eternity on the internets.

Well, we don't make it to Beatrice much, but at least we have your GMail address now. That's a start!