Arianna Huffington is guest-editing the Metro free throwaway newspaper today. It's unclear why, exactly, but the "Arianna Says" commentary bubbles are hilarious.

The New York Times should totally have these. With the same picture, that's very important.

It's a good thing the Huffington Post publisher has finally found a platform from which to address lesser thinkers, like Barack Obama, and the Pope. Huffington has linked more of her insights here.

Huffington must really be craving the spotlight;that seems the most likely explanation for her self-undermining gigs, like editing a giveaway commuter paper and debating a rude comedian on national television.

Also very possible: Huffington had someone from her beleaguered team of ghostwriters/"editors"/errand-runners handle the commentary-writing and Metro editorial chores; meanwhile, the socially-skilled internet diva got to throw some free press to one of her favored charities.