All Americans are currently home sharpening their hatchets, consumed by burning class rage, thinking of how they can't wait to gut those AIG bonus bastards like a fish. And now we know some names!

The New York Post found out a few of the guys' names, and what better time to publish than now, when the lynch mob is all primed and ready to go?

James Haas, EVP and co-leader of North American marketing
Douglas Poling, general counsel, director, EVP, CAO
Jonathan Liebergall, unit director and head of municipal finance.

These guys all got bonuses, making them enemies of everyone from Barney Frank to Crazy Joe in the shack down behind the Winn Dixie. Plus they all live in Connecticut, like rich guys! We wouldn't be surprised if the Post had the entire list of bonuses already, and is just planning to roll them out day by day to give the roving bands of torch-bearers time to make their way across Connecticut, burning McMansions as they go.

In any case, don't start James Haas' car no matter how much money he offers you. [NYP]