The Telegraph, a conservative British paper with marginally more class than The Sun, is very worried about American congresspeople "spamming" the YouTubes and gumming up the pipes.

See, Nancy Pelosi posted a weird video of cats in her House office, and "analysts say" (that is the hilariously vague formulation the Telegraph uses) Pelosi broke YouTube, or something.

Here is more wonderful journalism-talk, from the headline:

YouTube, the internet hosting site, is being flooded with cringe worthy video messages from US politicians, it has been claimed.

The Telegraph doesn't really understand how the internet works, it has been claimed.

But seriously, we agree with them 100%. Nancy Pelosi needs to get off the YouTubes right away, before her clowning around takes away any more server space and precious attention from important videos like this:

(Congressional YouTube videos are really the worst thing, but you know so is YouTube, basically, except for this.)